Bespoke Art Needs to Be Seen!

Some products just need to be seen. And sometimes the person who creates that product needs to be seen creating it. Once again video comes to the rescue! 

Where Will I Live?

You're a student about to move away from home for the first time and you've got to decide which residence to live in? Let us help you take a look-ahead.

Video & Motion Graphic

Cannington Dog Sled Races

An event that was, until recently, held yearly in the town of Cannington Ontario. Lots of dogs howling and much winter fun!

A Selection of Brilliant Eye Video Productions

ReEnergize Informational Video

When a cost effective and available-to-everyone medical treatment is found to help burn victims around the world, it's time to get the message out.

A Song In Your Heart

Artist? Musician? Storyteller?  Put the pieces together in an inspiring and uplifting way. Let people know what you can do!

Welcome to Wellness 

What's better than telling people how good your service is?  Having your CLIENTS tell people how good your service is. The power of a well produced testimonial rocks!

Learn about Queen's CNS

The Neuroscience Facilities at Queen's University, Kingston Ontario, wanted to show folks what they were up to. So this video was created to handle that job.

Hard Location To Find?

Got a location that's hard to find?
This Vancouver organic restaurant had this challenge. This video showed people The Way.  

What Service Do You Offer?

Using motion graphics and video you can show clearly who you are and what you are about. Show folks what you've got for them. Inspire them a little!

Partners In Mission Food Bank #1

We created this 3-video series to help Kingston's main foodbank get the message out to the community... a message that needed to be told with sincerity and compassion. This first video of the series gives folks general info on this fine organization.

The C-Words for Quarteting 

Kingston's Isabel Quartet's newest lineup chats about the "Four C's" of quarteting in this 2023 group interview. Note: CHEESE is NOT one of the C-words. ;)

Flying a Camera INDOORS 

Normally folks think drones are best left out in the Great Outdoors. But we like a challenge so we took our micro-drone HD camera into the Engineering Labs of Queen's.

Partners In Mission Food Bank #3 

Money doesn't grow on trees. If it did, caring organizations like this one wouldn't have to remind folks to help them out financially. But letting people know how the finances and fiscal flow go helps pave the way to, hopefully, a more open heart... and wallet! 

Partners In Mission Food Bank #2

"Volunteers Make The World Go 'Round". This is a very important topic - for more then just your friendly neighborhood foodbank.  So we once again tackled this story with an open heart and an eye to show how folks "getter dun" so that no one goes without.

It Takes 4 to Make 1 Voice

Kingston's 2019 Isabel Quartet chats amongst themselves regarding the ins and outs of performing in a world class quartet and learning to play nicely with one another.

SPARQing Ideas!

Sometimes a new product just needs to be shown clearly to the world with little fuss and falderah! This is a video we created to show off SPARQ's latest converter module.

Again, some droning helped us tell the story!

Indigenous Futures in Engineering

We were asked to create a series of five videos for Queen's Engineering for raising awareness of the Indigenous folks that have become world-class engineers. And to let FUTURE Indigenous children know that they too can enter into this exciting world.

Prostate Cancer Rides for Dad! 

A good cause needs a good video to let folks know what it is all about... and that's where the BrilliantEye comes in! This heartfelt video was created for QCRI's "Ride For Dad" campaign at the beginning of 2023.

Compassionate Messages to Share

Compasionate Communities, Kingston Ontario asked us to create a short video to share what they're all about.. 

Encouraging people to help people. Developing community attitudes that make the community a better place to live, work and play.

Wheeling Out The Meals

Everyone needs help from time to time. It can come in many many forms.  The Meals on Wheels program at Sydenham Ontario's Grace Centre is a tight-knit team of awesome folk that make sure no one needs to feel hungry in their Southern Frontenac zone!

Returning to an old way of being. 

It is a 'new' concept that comes from an old idea: That we are all stronger when we connect with other people in our community. This animated video helps tell the story of how this could work.

More Bang from your Batteries!

Telling a tech story so that everyone can understand an amazing invention - that is a great challenge that we enjoy tackling. This is a great story about a company in Sherbrooke Quebec that is helping us get to Full Time Electric driving!

LIGHT: to Brighten our Future. 

Photonics. What the heck could that be?  Well, that's where a video like this comes in handy. A well crafted interview-style video can get across complex ideas in a simple way! We've helped CMC Microsystems do this many times with many great ideas and projects.

Present Important Thoughts

Not many folks think about geological science. They are not aware how important it is to humanity's well-being and safe navigation of this planet we call home. This video was created to get folks thinking about why this area of study is more important now than ever.

A History Told Clearly 

When the 175 year old Frontenac Club finally got a facelift, it was time to let folks know all about it.  Interviewing folks that know what it's all about helps us get the facts straight and the knowledge flowing.  

Copy That, Good Buddy! 

As part of our Kingston Entrepreneur Series, we had a great time with our friends at DigiGraphics. Once again, interviews that cut to the chase and put a smile on your face help tell our clients story in an engaging way!

A Clean Clear Message  

Boutique handmade soap created by someone who loves her work. What a great story to share!  Yet another of our Kingsotn Entrepreneur Series, this one tell's Jackie's story and shows off her fabulous shoppe!

What An Engineer Looks Like II 

This was a snappy little video to help the Engineering department at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario get out the message that what you THINK an engineer looks like might not be that accurate anymore! It was an 'alt' creative take on a previously covered idea.

Dean's Diversity Message - 2022 

This was a snappy little video to help the Engineering department at Queen's University in Kingston Ontario get out the message that what you THINK an engineer looks like might not be that accurate anymore!

What An Engineer Looks Like

We created this video for the "Women In Engineering" awareness campagne at Queen's U in Kingston.

Based on the good ol' "Switching Faces" style, it is eye catching but takes a bit of fancy footwork in the editing suite.