A Few Captures of Culture Days

A yearly event which takes place all across Canada in many cities, regions and townships, Culture Days lets everyone experience the diversity of their comminity. 

Mother Mother

One of Canada's most talented and innovative bands!  Loved working with these folks, and loved the results of the many band photoshoots.

Your Beautiful Selves

Let the world see just how awesome you are. Brilliant Eye captures the essence of who you are in this particular moment of your life. Share your beautiful self! Here's a look at some awesome clients of mine who shine!

Durham Region Transit

DRT needed a little pizzazz for a media campaign, so we spent an afternoon shooting some happy travellers! A very fun shoot with zero motion commotion.

Beer Bounty

Durhams amazing homegrown beer industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds and gulps.  Here's a few shots I've been hired to capture (and later consume).  Cheers!

Professional People

It's not just a "nice shot" of you. It's about WHO you are and WHAT you do.  Make sure your professional headshots and company photos make you stand out! Take a look here as some of the work I've done.

Delhi to Dublin

I had the extreme pleasure of shooting this concert a few years back in Vancouver. The D2D crew were not only amazing musicians and performers, but very nice folk to hang out with. 

Bits of Durham Region

The rolling hills of Durham Region, Ontario, present such wonderful photographic opportunities. I've loved being  hired by the Region to shoot this great part of Ontario. So much to offer!

British Japanese FusionMobile

My client took a British TR3 and cut it in half,  then added 2 inches to its width. Then he put that on top of a Japanese engine and drivetrain.  Not sure what it he ended up calling it - but the result was sexy!

Delicious Dishes and Fishy Fun

You own a fish market. It's also a great destination eatery.  How do you let folks know what you've got on deck?  Why, some awesome photos shot with just a little spice.

Photography & Digital Imaging

A Selection of Brilliant Eye Photography