This ongoing podcast series deals with pretty much every conceivable aspect of palliative care. 


Specifically focusing on the area of Long-Term Care, SPA-LTC  (Strengthening a Palliative Approach in Long-Term Care) talks with some of the most experienced and cutting edge minds dealing with this greatly growing challenge in our world.

While you wait for the details on how the BrilliantEye can help you create a great podcast experience for your listeners, check out these couple projects we're currently working on!

Take a listen to this 12 episode podcast series created by Reinier with his business associates at  CHANNELED


Covering a broad swath of topics and ideas around 'doing more, together', this series delves into attitude, action and pandemic behaviors and much beyond. 

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With decades of work in recording studios, radio advertising and creative writing, Reinier has used these talents to help clients develope and create their own podcast identities and podcasts.