Storytelling in the "Theatre of the Mind"

Audio: sounds, music, noises that engage... Storytelling couldn't exist without sound.  As "radio" has proven over the years, sometimes a song, a podcast, a speech can bring new awareness and understanding to the listener. 

Audio presentations, like Radio Jingles or Podcasts,  engage images in the listener's mind, and sometimes has an impact that "seeing" might just not achieve .  

Visual Storytelling

You can spend an hour attempting to describe an event that just happened. One photo can show that event and get it across in seconds. 

Photography has been a staple of storytelling and advertising for almost 100 years. 

Sometimes a simple well conceived photograph is more powerful than a video or a sound byte.

And combining still photography with motion graphics can unite the power of the video and photographic world in a way that grabs people's attention in a powerful way. 

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Multi Media: Different Paint Brushes

How Can Brilliant Eye Help You Tell YOUR Story?

How do you SEE your story?  How do you HEAR your story? How do you want others to FEEL about your story? 

Moving Pictures to Tell Your Story

You want people to know what you have to offer. You have product, ideas, causes, and you want the world to know your passion and exactly what you have to offer.

Using video to tell your story, to sell your idea, to motivate the selling of your great next product - this is a proven and extremely effective way to get your potential client, member, audience to understand what you have to offer.