Teaching the Teachers

When a university needs to get a message out to its professors on how to manage "special needs" type students, a video does the trick nicely. 

Where Will I Live?

You're a student about to move away from home for the first time and you've got to decide which residence to live in? Let us help you take a look-ahead.

Video & Motion Graphic

Cannington Dog Sled Races

An event that was, until recently, held yearly in the town of Cannington Ontario. Lots of dogs howling and much winter fun!

A Selection of Brilliant Eye Video Productions

ReEnergize Informational Video

When a cost effective and available-to-everyone medical treatment is found to help burn victims around the world, it's time to get the message out.

A Song In Your Heart

Artist? Musician? Storyteller?  Put the pieces together in an inspiring and uplifting way. Let people know what you can do!

Welcome to Wellness 

What's better than telling people how good your service is?  Having your CLIENTS tell people how good your service is. The power of a well produced testimonial rocks!

Learn about Queen's CNS

The Neuroscience Facilities at Queen's University, Kingston Ontario, wanted to show folks what they were up to. So this video was created to handle that job.

Hard Location To Find?

Got a location that's hard to find?
This Vancouver organic restaurant had this challenge. This video showed people The Way.  

What Service Do You Offer?

Using motion graphics and video you can show clearly who you are and what you are about. Show folks what you've got for them.

Brekky Time: Where to Go?

Got a great location you want to let people know about?  Well, SHOW THEM!  

Want to Tell Folks What You Do?

Got an event that you want to get people excited about?  A short video is worth a week of emails and, if you're really OldSchool, licking a lot of stamps!  

Red Maple Gift Shop

You've got a funky little souvenir shop located in Kingston, Ontario. You'd like to entise folks to pop in and take a look around.  Let's show them what you've got!!