One thing I'm really appreciating moving back to Kingston is working more directly with my creative associates and clients.  

    Though many folks say to me "It must be GREAT being self-employed! No Bosses!"  my usual reply is "Not so true - I've got DOZENS of bosses!"  ;)  

    And... it sometimes gets a bit lonely, both personally and creatively, working as a solo practitioner of one's art. 

    One of my fave teams ever is Channel 3 Communications. Lead fearlessly and equally compassionately by Nanci Corrigan, it is always a joy to attend a staff meeting or do a shoot with her or one of her team. And thus it was even MORE fun creating this montage video for their website, channel3communications.ca. 

    As a Creative Type, I am so enjoying the interaction with Nanci and her company, as well as the many other like-minded folk that inhabit the beautiful city of Kingston Ontario.  And even (yes, there's MORE) more fun is bumping into these people at local social events and concerts and coffee shops and pubs.  

    Teamwork, I'm getting to know, works so much better and authentically when there is a true sense of friendship and unforced collaboration between those doing the creating.   

    Looking forward to more of this, my fine Kingston Peeps!  And thanks for making me feel at home here in such a timely and creative manner!   - ReinMan



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