• Me? I'm a SLOW Blogger!

    So if you're reading this it means that we both made it to 2019.  I've been BUSY!  
    The end of 2018 was extremely exciting for me and BrilliantEye projects.  I'm looking forward to finding the perfect groove in 2019 for work/play and living a deeply enjoyably interesting life!   Hope y'all do the same if that is your wish!   Cheers for now!

  • Hello Kingston (again! :) 

    Howdy my Most Patient Peeps!  

    Been a long time since my last blogging output here on the ol' BrilliantEYE website.  Been a busy year, full of good work and good changes. Some easy to do and some not so easy.  All making Life just a bit more deeper and interesting.  A great place for my Creative Spirit to be coming from.   

    I now am calling Kingston, Ontario, "home".   I've come here to a great community of creative and connecting folks that have made me feel very welcome indeed.  With over 60% of my work coming out of this beautiful town (lots of KGH and Queen's projects, as well as a handful of other wee jobbies ;) I'm looking forward to expanding my Creative Skills into the workforce here. 

    If you are new to the concept of The Brilliant Eye, please take a look around my site and you'll get to know me a bit. 

    And if you're an "old" friend in K-Town, say howdy and let's share a beverage on one of the wonderful patios abounding in this awesome city.  Maybe I can help you get your story and message out into the world!!

    Cheers for now,
    (Reinier deSmit)