Herding Cats

    One of the last projects I worked on before leaving Durham Region in Ontario to move my life up to the far east end of Lake Ontario was this fun and challenging project with the team at Sport Durham. 

    We had a fairly short time slot to put this together as the upcoming 2019 Ontario Parasport Games was needing donors sooner than later... but Brilliant Eye and the Sport Durham team were up to the challenge.  

    Realizing that someone speaking from their heart and their experience usually is the best way to get someone to listen to a proposal, we quickly decided on the Talking Head approach.  The message was scripted and sorted out and then 12 very nice folks were contacted an asked to volunteer their time to this.   To keep things on the very tight budget we needed to work with (a high percentage of game support, like most big "government" games, comes through volunteers and their energy) we needed to shoot all 12 of our fine orators in one day.   Thus, the "cat herding" began. :-)

    Organizing 12 (not counting myself and the creative team from Sport Durham) busy people to arrive at specific times during the same day at a specific location may not sound that daunting, but it is not as easy as it seems.  Add on top of this the reality that some of our fine speakers were at ease delivering their lines in one or two takes, while some others were a bit less "confident" with the recording process.  Perhaps a few (dozen?) takes might be required until we got the energy and pizass that we were looking for.  Let it be noted that they were ALL troopers and worked hard to give us what we wanted.  

    Once the main bits were recorded came the editing process, again, with limited time available.  This was the fun part for me, next to actually meeting and videoing all these interesting folk.  Their hard work in front of the camera made my challenges behind the camera much easier to navigate.

    In the end, I hope this project helps bring good things to Durham's hosting of the Games. Meeting some of the athletes and the people who support them was very inspirational to me.  
    Truth be told, they were all pussy cats!   ;) 
    Zero egos were to be found, just caring and dedicated people who had a common goal to hit.  
    And I think we did it!   Thanks again, all who participated❤️   


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